India cases cross 1 crore 323 days after 1st, last 1 million 2nd slowest



NEW DELHI: India on Friday became the second country in the world after the US to register one crore (10 million) confirmed Covid-19 cases even as the pandemic continued to recede in the country.


It took 29 days for cases in India to increase from nine million to 10 million, making it the slowest rise since the first million cases.


Even average daily deaths during these 29 days were the lowest after the first one million. India’s Covid numbers have been falling for three months now, ever since the caseload crossed five million on September 15.


The country’s total caseload crossed the grim one crore milestone after 27,022 fresh infections took the tally to 1,00,04,893 on Friday night. The US has recorded over 1.7 crore till now while Brazil is in third place with a count of over 71 lakh. Both countries have recorded a much higher number of cases and deaths than India in the past few days.


Deaths per million in India stand at 104, the second lowest among the world's 20 worst-hit countries. Only Indonesia, which is currently at number 20 in total caseload, has had fewer deaths per million at 71.


In terms of daily cases, India hit its peak almost exactly three months ago on September 17, when 98,795 fresh infections were recorded in a single day. In these three months, cases have surged for a few weeks at a stretch in some states such as Delhi but the overall trend has been of a steady decline despite the festive season and further relaxations in restrictions across states.


Southern states see most dramatic decline in cases



Sunil Kumar

Well done by modiji and health minister. Sure, we will come out of this pandamic completely soon...




Just imagine how many lives could have been saved if Feku, aka Surrender Modi, took the coronavirus seriously from the start. When every great power was rushing to develop its own vaccine/vaccines, Feku was busy clapping hands, drinking gaumutra, hosting Namaste Trump event, building temples, doing yoga, lighting diyas, holding rallies, and feeding peacocks.



KK Chakravarthy

Modiji asked us to light traditional lamps at the start of the pandemic. Looks like that helped a lot.




Yogijis simple formula to beat this pandemic. "No testing no Corona" and declare UP as the role model in India.



Mahendra Vir Saxena

India has definitely done better than other countries in tackling Coronavirus. In March, India had no masks, no PPE kits, sanitizers and testing facilities. Now India is exporting these items. India had imported testing kits from China which were faulty. With testing few hundreds in March, India is conducting 1.5 millions tests per day.



Azeezur Rahman

We Pray Panadamic to End & India Become free of Covid 19 & pray for Safe Secure Healthy , Happy India Jai Hind




The figures of one crore are the infections detected after testing. At least ten times more people have been infected but not tested.



Uday Gohil

Master stroke of Modi!




Lets not be fools...Covid 19 is still here..very much infecting and killing.......figures coming out cant be trusted at all.



Ravindra Bhavsar

we dont know whether this figure is fact or not.



Prasad Hattangadi

This is all because of Nehru and Indira Gandhi. If Indira never married we would have never got Rajiv Gandhi and he would have never married Italian bar dancer and we would have never got Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is the greatest boon to the nation. If Rahul Gandhi would not have destroyed Congress we would have never got a PM like Modi. All credit should go to Nehru.




Only fools will belive that corona is reducing. The fact is corona spread to majority of population and the people are doing good as Indians have good immunity.



Scatter Brained Kunal K

All thanks to supreme leader. Without him we would not have reached this milestone. Salute. Hats off.



Dilip J

Not no country is blaming China for the disaster and chaos created and ruined the world economies, lives of 1,681,249 lost till today, and many still undergoing treatments and no improvement in USA and Europe,




Hopefully this will all end soon and we come out safe and sound ......



mohammed mansoor

All start by Modi Trump mega rally ,covid 19 start



mohammed mansoor

feku modi promise for 2 crore job , at end he gave indian people 1 crore covid 19 case within 1 year still counting



Indian Human

The pandemic wont create much havoc just because of our luck . The south east Asians looks like having a natural resistivity to the virus . The better performance of Pakistan and Bangladesh in controlling pandemic shows it . It also exposes the weakness of health sector in many state like gujarat . The high death rate in these states has to be investigated .




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