Karnataka iPhone plant clashes: Wistron's loss may be Rs 52 crore, not Rs 437 crore



BENGALURU: It looks like the loss Wistron suffered in the Saturday violence in its factory in Narasapura near Bengaluru is about an eighth of what was originally reported. But even the lower figure is substantial.

班加羅爾:在周六暴 力事件中,緯創位于班加羅爾附近Narasapura的工廠遭受的損失只有最初報道的八分之一左右,不過損失也算相當嚴重。

The Taiwanese manufacturer, which makes Apple iPhones and other products, has informed the Taiwan Stock Exchange that the violence did not cause any material damage to major manufacturing equipment and warehouses, and that the preliminary estimates of damages is in the range of 100 to 200 million New Taiwan Dollar (the local currency). That's about Rs 52 crore.

這家生產蘋果iPhone和其他產品的臺*地區工廠通知臺*地區證券交易所,暴 力事件沒有對主要生產設備和倉庫造成實質性破壞,初步估計損失在1億到2億新臺幣(當地貨幣)之間,約合5.2億盧比。

It was reported on Monday, based on a complaint with the Kolar police station, that the quantum of damage was Rs 437 crore. It's not clear if the company had initially overestimated the damage, or whether the police made a mistake in its report or the communication of it.


Wistron India MD Sudipto Gupta said he has nothing to say other than the stock exchange statement.

緯創印度總經理Sudipto Gupta表示,除了證券交易所的聲明外,他沒什么可說的。

Karnataka labour minister Shivram Hebbar told TOI that the Rs 437 crore figure was reported by the company. "It was the company that filed an FIR and it is only the company that can say why it filed a revised loss of $7 million or Rs 50 crore. But whatever may be the loss, the violence resorted to by the agitators cannot be tolerated or supported. It does not augur well for the state when it tries to attract fresh investment,” he said.

卡納塔克邦勞工部長希夫拉姆·赫巴爾告訴《印度時報》,該公司報告的損失是43.7億盧比。“是該公司提交了訴狀,要求立案調查,也只有該公司能解釋為什么將損失改為700萬美元或5億盧比。但無論損失多少,煽動者訴諸的暴 力是不能容忍的。當國家試圖吸引新投資時,這不是一個好兆頭,”他表示。

In its stock exchange filing, Wistron also said it is working with go nment authorities and police officials regarding the investigation of the incident, and is negotiating with Insurance companies.



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Venkatachalam Ramakrishnan

It is not the question of financial loss. How can the emoloyees rampage their own office where they work and earn their livelihood. Never heard in the past!! There is definitely conspiracy in this which should be definitely unearthed and culprits brought to book. Financial loss to the company should be compensated by Karnataka Govt. for their inefficiency in protecting life and properties of foreign companies.






Vedantham Sheshashar

insurance Company will take care of the actual loss. FIR is filed against 7000 employees. Wistron unit says that it will start production soon. There is no investigation to find truth. Bangalore is getting bad name.



Priya Saxena

All this money must be recovered from the hooligans who damaged the property. Follow the Yogi model - jail them, penalize them, sell their property n belongings n everything they own until the damages r recovered.




Just fake exaggeration of truth.



Dilip J

All the workers who attacked the factory should be sacked, jailed and made to pay the damages



Rajesh Ganesh

Tight slap on the face of capitalism. Thz what happens when u take workers for granted.



wilfred Rodrigues

just imagine if this co closes shop and goes to another country then what will happen to these employees



Pete Zipk

Why would any company want to move its operations to India? India is not a de ratic country. It is a chaotic country.




Krsna Creations

first,, put the union leader behind bars for the rest of his life.



Surya Prakash

Although it was a very unfortunate incident, one must understand the reasons for such a violences. People from Karnataka state are very docile & peace loving people. First understand the reasons why the employees got so much agitated. WISTRON was paying the employees only half salary from the past 6 months due to pandemic lockdown etc.

雖然這是一件非常不幸的事件,但人們必須了解發生這種暴 力行為的原因。





Ravindra Munvar

I think the management was trying to fleece and hide their misdeeds under this. It is like when some robbers robbed a bank of Rs. 10 Crores, the band declared that they were robbed of 100 crores. The bank managers siphoned off 90 Crores and blamed it on the robbers - same way the management here also looks like trying to put the blame of 400 Crores on the people who vandalized items worth 50 crores.






Deviprasad Nayak

This may even fall to 5 crore Rs if Govt investigate.



Mukesh Sheladia

Labour unions and unreasonable demands are extremely harmful for industrial development.



Ulhas Kulkarni

Whatever the quantum of loss, it will adversely affect investment in India.



Varun Maheshwari

Violence is wrong however there should be strict laws for payment of salaries in time. If this is real cause than management of Wistron should also held accountable for this violence.

訴諸暴 力是錯誤的,但是緯創也應該按時支付工資啊。

如果真正的原因是公司未按時支付工資,那緯創的管理層也應該為這起暴 力事件負責。


Pankaj Kukreja

All culprits involved in voilence should be punished and therby showing clearly to the world that we do not accept such non sense.

所有參與暴 力事件的罪犯都應該受到懲罰,從而向世界清楚地表明,我們不接受這種荒謬的行為。



Need to blame employer first, then employees. Employees must protest but not indulge in vandalism.




What about the loss for shutting down for so long? What about the loss to India when Wistron and so many other companies will halt their investment plans?




Ram Prasad

Kick out foreign companies who pay less salaries to indians....


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