Renowned economist urges China to allow couples to have THREE children 'as soon as possible' after two-child policy 'failed to' boost low birth rates


A prominent Chinese economist has urged China to roll out a new 'three-child' policy in a bid to rejuvenate the country with a growing ageing population.


Ren Zeping, the head of a major Chinese think tank, suggested in an analysis published yesterday that Beijing should allow couples to have three children 'as soon as possible'.



The proposal is aimed to tackle the continuously declining fertility rate and ageing population after China's two-child policy failed, Mr Ren said.


Since 1979, couples in China had been limited to having a single child, a rule, often brutally enforced, intended to slow population growth and boost the economy.


But the law, which is estimated to have prevented 400million births, also caused long-term economic problems, huge social upheaval and human tragedy.


With fears China's ageing population would slow its economic growth, officials announced a two-child policy in October 2015, which came into effect on January 1 the following year.


The legislation appeared to have initial success as an additional 5.4million babies are thought to have been born in China in the first 18 months after introducing the two-child policy.


But it has not worked as well as Chinese officials wished as the country's birth rate continued to drop since 2015, according to Mr Ren, the head of the Evergrande Research Institute.


In a new analysis penned by the renowned economist, he stated that as a result of the unsuccessful two-child policy, the ageing population and low birth rate had become one of the biggest underlying threats facing China in this century.



譯文來源:三泰虎 http://www.254983.tw/p/51543.html    譯者:Jessica.Wu

Themilano, London, United Kingdom

Wait, Chinas has the population of 4 times the US, don't they think that's enough, are they kidding?



Nick26, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

This has everything to do with the Chinese go-ent wanting to rule the world! The more people it has the easier it thinks it can defeat enemies!




JG66, Padstow, United Kingdom

No thanks ! ...no other nation wants to see the current 1.4 BILLION achieve 2.1 Billion CCP citizens...



Rockster1, Voenna, Austria

They should stop killing off the baby girls then.



Alan Porridge, Christchurch, United Kingdom

All problems in the world stem from overpopulation.



DV00, MarlboroughR, United Kingdom

The world's exponential growth of population, especially in A frica, is THE biggest danger to this planet. Population growth is the root cause of this plants problems.



DodieK, Norwich, United States

Not enough girls to take care of all of the aging parents? Gasp. How awful for them.




Campanile8, City, United Kingdom

Dear Chinese, please ignore this recommendation.



Yippyyea, Anywhere, United States

This is another plot to take over the world.



Knickerbocker Glory, CloudcuckoolandUK, United Kingdom

I am reminded of those terrible photos of unwanted baby girls lying in the gutters when the 'one child' law was enforced. We need less births , not more if the planet is to survive.



Have values, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

No. There are millions of chinese already - the world doesn't need anymore



DodieK, Norwich, United States

Yeah, because NOW girls are "important".



BotolphBaby1, Hatfield, United Kingdom

The world is already over populated thanks.



Boutros, Portland, United States

Most young women today have other dreams besides procreation. They don't want to be saddled with the responsibilities of child rearing just so the State can have more workers/taxpayers.



KG, Nottingham, United Kingdom

why they are trying to forcibly taking to take land around the world so that they can occupy and populate it will their ever expanding population.



ZINA, Arizona-an important city, United States

Not enough children to make iPhones?



Coint, Baku, Azerbaijan

China preparing for final move!!! Overtake the world!



Letmeknow1973, Swale Kent., United Kingdom

They need young blood quite a lot of elderly in the country



Its-1984-again, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

They will have more kids and export them to UK to claim benefits.



Francisca, Las Vegas NV, United States

Knowing China next they are going to force women to have babies!


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